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Boxing Session


We are very excited to announce we now offer WOMENS PAYG classes.

The word “Boxing” scares a lot of women when it comes to training, but here at WLBA there really is nothing to be scared about. 

Boxing is known for being the best way to burn calories, lose weight and feel great both physically and mentally so to encourage more women into our gym we now offer 2 x women’s PAYG Box Fit sessions per week.

Box Fit is a fun, high intensity class with a lot of exercises you may be familiar with, but of course, these all have a boxing twist to give that extra push and extra burn! 

To join these classes, simply click the link below, enter your details then when that’s done, access the online shop and buy your PAYG class passes to use against our Box fit classes.

Once you’ve entered your details and your signed up, you can also download the ClubRight app which is the easiest way to book future classes and keep track of your account.

Pay and book for these classes using the button below!

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