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The Fight Starts Now!


Not all members will join dreaming of one day competing in a bout, but for some, the idea will grow once they gain confidence, experience, and knowledge from our boxing sessions. What starts off as a way of getting and keeping fit soon becomes an addiction and a want to push themselves further. If that becomes something you want to do then we can help make that dream come true.

WLBA owners Danny & Alan promote some of the biggest white collar shows in hotels & nightclubs around London, hosting shows with crowds ranging from 400-1500! Potential boxers are matched based on ability and experience at our Matchmaking days which will take place at WLBA. After that, and a few weeks before the show you will be invited to the shows press conference where you will sit at the top table and take part in a press conference lead by legendary boxing pundit (BT sports/ BBC) and author Steve Bunce! Then comes fight night, all that training and hard work leads to this moment, your night under the lights. You will walk to the ring with your chosen ring walk music pumping through the sound system and compete in 3 x 2-minute rounds. The dream is complete, and it will certainly be a night you never forget!

As a member of WLBA you will have our team guide you through the entire process and our coaches will be in your corner on fight night.

White Collar Boxing: Classes
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